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Meet beautiful Josh who was born after some lifestyle changes.
It Takes Two
It Takes Two: Reproducing Naturally Today - Dr Judy Ford
It Takes Two: Reproducing Naturally Today
In "it takes two" Dr. Judy Ford explains the range of factors that affect fertility and reproduction. She looks from the perspective of the couple living in a modern environment, paying particular attention to common problems that can be easily addressed. The book is light-hearted, friendly and easy to read. It is highly valued by both couples and professionals. See testimonials by clicking above.
"Wonderful", "Informative", "Easy to understand", "A book everyone should read". These are comments repeatedly made by readers of "it takes two".
Total cost US $19.95 -full refund if you are not satisfied with the product  
The following is the Introduction to "it takes two" by Dr. Judy Ford:
Introduction: "Nothing seems to be happening"
"We have been trying for over two years. We've tried IVF but that didn't help. Nothing seems to happen. Can you help us?"
"I have no problem getting pregnant but I've lost three babies at 9 or 10 weeks. Our doctor says he can't see any reason. We feel so helpless, such failures. We don't know what to do next. Can you help us?"
"My last baby was born very prematurely, is there anything I can do to stop this from happening again?"
Can I help? I hope so. In this book, I will share with you the things that I have learnt from working with couples, from my own research, and from the published research of other scientists.
There is always much more to learn. My personal commitment is to continue learning and to share that knowledge whenever I can. I hope I can help you solve your problem now.
There are many different parts to "getting it right". Even if you think some sections of the book don't apply to you, I suggest that you read them and think about them. Most of us have deeply ingrained messages from our childhood that greatly affect our adult lives. These childhood messages will be behind many of the things we do and accept as normal. I will give some examples where childhood messages have directly affected reproduction. I will also describe some of the many ways childhood messages can indirectly affect reproductive success. It is critical that negative messages are discovered.
Let us discover your problems for you, simply and quickly.
Dr Judy Ford provides a warm and friendly counselling service for couples with reproductive problems and others with illness arising from chemical exposure. EGS approach is to look at the whole person and how their previous life experiences and their lifestyles might be contributing to their problems.
Counselling can be conducted in person or by telephone at a pre-arranged appointment time. The client pays for the telephone call. 
Here are some comments sent to Dr. Ford in one of many letters of thanks:
"Dear Judy, After 15 years of trying to have a child, could it have been your simple suggestion of "…………….." We believe that your suggestion went a long way to us conceiving our beautiful boy, Simon, naturally. We are so thankful, ……"
Table of Contents:  
  Introduction: "Nothing seems to be happening!"  
    Can reading this book help?
What is the source of the information in this book?
My Journey
Will the solution to our problem be easy?
  1 The essential ingredients  
    A New Life
What can go wrong?
High Technology Solutions
Behaviour and Reproduction
Emotions and Reproduction
The Biological and Behavioural Bases of Reproduction are Genetic
What goes wrong?
Multiple Risk Factors
  2 Physical and Sexual Difficulties  
    “Doing what comes naturally.......”
Shapes of Bodies and other Physical Disabilities
Health Problems that prevent successf Intercourse
Sexual Problems that prevent Reproduction
Taking Action
  3 Messages of Childhood and Past Experiences  
    Life’s Script
Psychogenic Factors
Previous Emotional Traumas and Infertility
i. Early Childhood Traumas
ii. Siblings of the Handicapped
iii. Later life experiences that evoke significant guilt or fear
Fear of a Partner as a Parent
Previous Emotional Traumas and Recurrent Miscarriage
Where to Now?
The Time is not Right
Contemplate your own Life Experiences
  4 Taking a Look at Body Messages  
    What can we learn from our Body Messages?
Optimal Reproductive Function
Temperature Regulation and Male Fertility
Drinking Habits and Dehydration
Ideal Body Weights for Reproduction
What is too much Stress?
Age in Men and Women
Tackling Problem Areas
  5 Toxic Exposures: At Home and Work  
    What are toxins?
How do toxic substances enter our bodies?
Toxic chemicals and radiations
i. Damage to genes and chromosomes
ii. Chemicals which cause cells to make errors of division
iii. Oestrogens and chemicals which mimic oestrogens
iv. Chemicals that affect cell function
Effects of toxins on reproduction
Chemical exposures at work and at leisure
Home renovation
Other activities which might expose you to chemicals
General principles of avoidance
How chemicals leave the body: Detoxification strategies
  6 Taking a look at Illness and Medication  
    The Flu and the “What’s going around bug”
Other Contagious Diseases
Chronic and Long-term Illness: Thyroid Disease
Chronic and Long-term Illness: Diabetes
Chronic and Long-term Illness: Epilepsy
Chronic and Long-term Illness: Renal Disease
Chronic and Long-term Illness: Gout
Chronic and Long-term Illness: High Blood Pressure
Chronic and Long-term Illness: Intestinal Disorders (Coeliac, Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel
Chronic and Long-term Illness: Cancer
Chronic and Long-term Illness: Psychiatric Disorder
Accidents, Back Problems and Related Conditions
General Advice
  7 Taking a look at Foods, Drugs, Drinks and Diets  
    Quality not Quantity
Blood Sugar Levels: The Glycaemic Index
Deficiencies of Specific Minerals and Vitamins and their Effect on Reproduction
Foods and Traditional Medicines that may cause Problems
Social Drugs, Caffeine, Smoking and Alcohol
The Benefits of Antioxidants
An O.K. Average Diet and Supplements
  8 Diseases of the Urinary and Genital Tracts  
    Sexually transmitted Diseases are Common
Infection in the Female
Infection in the Male
Contraception and its effects on later Reproduction
The after-effects of induced Abortions and other Operations
Basic Check List
  9 Unusual but Important Problems  
Antisperm Antibodies
Cervical Incompetence
  10 Genes and Chromosomes, Problems they can cause  
    What are genes?
Genetic Inheritance Explained
Genes that affect Reproduction
What are Chromosomes?
Types of Chromosome Abnormalities
Constitutional Chromosome Abnormalities that underlie Problems in Reproduction
Who should have their Chromosomes examined?
  11 Learning from Chromosome Tests of your Miscarriage  
    Chromosome Abnormalities as a Cause of Miscarriage
Factors underlying the different types of Abnormalities
Miscarriages with apparently Normal Chromosomes
Hydatidiform Moles
When should the Chromosomes of a Miscarriage be studied?
  12 During pregnancy In Summary  
    Pregnancy is a Normal Condition
For those who have had a previous Miscarriage
Things NOT to do when you are Pregnant
The Regular Pesticide and Herbicide Sprays
Sex during Pregnancy
Exercise during Pregnancy
Preparing for the Birth of your Baby

Total cost US $19.95 -full refund if you are not satisfied with the product  
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