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In 1979: My newborn baby Patrick relaxing with me after a "breast feed".
What type of couple are you?
Couple type A
It Takes Two: Reproducing Naturally Today
You like to work out your own approaches to problems. You'd like to get a good overall perspective including understanding about the effects of stress and emotional issues, illnesses and medications, genes, nutrition etc.
Dr Judy Ford's best selling book 'It Takes Two' has helped thousands of couples. You can buy it as a hard copy or as an e-book. The e-book is a revised edition so is slightly more up to date.
Sperm Count
Couple type B
You are fairly sure that there is a sperm problem and you'd like to understand what, if anything, you can do. In some cases there is no easy solution but knowledge is power. Many men are able to overcome sperm problems with changes in lifestyle. Some changes are as easy as changing the type of chair he sits on; others are as difficult as changing occupation.
The book is also available as a hard copy called 'Build sperm with attitude'.
Couple type C
Making Love and Babies
You've been together for some time. Your relationship has become a bit tired. You'd like to improve your relationship, your sex life and conceive.
Dr Judy wrote 'Making Love & Babies' because she discovered that couples with fertility problems often had infrequent sex. Some have sexual problems. We think you'll find this e-book exceptionally interesting and fun. It should definitely make your sex life much more satisfying and joyous.
 On-line Questionnaire
Couple type D
You've got lots of questions and you'd really like to have a very long consultation.
The best approach is to use an evaluation. You will receive detailed reports that tell you which lifestyle changes you need to make in order to overcome your problems.
Some couples need extra help. If you are one of these couples, Dr Judy will be able to help you through a personal consultataion after you have completed the on-line evaluation.
Click on On-Line Evaluation to find out more about the evaluations. You will receive your report as soon as you have completed the evaluation. You can return to the evaluation as many times as you need so don't be concerned if you don't have large amounts of spare time. The cost is U.S. $59.99 for both male and female evaluations and reports.
Couple type E
It Takes Two: Reproducing Naturally Today
You'd like more than one of these e-books and the on-line evaluation. We agree. We think that couples would get great value and insight if they completed the on-line evaluation and read all the e-books. There is a little bit of overlap between the different products but there is also a very large amount of new information in each of them.
The normal cost of THE LOT is U.S. $125, but I am offering it to you for just U.S. $80. This is incredible value but sorry I can't include the hard copy with this - it's just too complicated!
Temperature Chart
This 24 page E-Book is packed with information to help you resolve your own fertility problems. It includes real charts from women who have had infertility, successful pregnancies and miscarriages. The book not only helps you use a temperature chart to determine your own problems (if any) but it provides you with practical and workable solutions. Purchase this inexpensive little book before you look at other treatment programs.
Sperm Count
Starting your family after 30
This 60-page e-book is written for couples who want to know the facts. It is packed with useful information. The material is based on the very latest published medical and scientific literature and is referenced. Information about all the problems that are increased by delaying reproduction are included as well as age-specific data. The very latest information (some from Dr Fordís own, soon to be published research) about lifestyle and dietary modifications that are likely to reduce some of the effects of ageing, is outlined. Bad habits that can be tolerated in younger women must be changed when the critical datelines are crossed!
This book is a must-read for anyone who is thirty something and wishes to have normal, healthy babies.
Personal consultation
Dr Judy Ford helps couples through personal consultation. This can either be in person in Adelaide, by telephone anywhere in Australia or by email anywhere in the world. Apppointments are usually held on weekday evenings, or during the day on Fridays or Saturdays. All appointments are charged at $25 per 15 minutes or $25 per email. Payment is usually made by credit card at the end of the consultation.
For your own benefit it is most effective to complete the on-line personal evaluation before your consultation because Dr Ford can view all your answers and will have considered your problems before the consultation.
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